Saturday, 29 September 2007


All raps posted by V-Kizzy and Gizznit are now copywrighted
(c) 2007

Takin' It For Granted

Cellphones, I-pods, and PDA's
The young generation got no respect today
Smokin', drinkin', and injectin' too,
Haven't ya'll learnt is hazardous for you!
Teachers yellin "NO!"
Parents shoutin "GO!"
Dunno which direction to move with the flow.
Ya'll know you aint tryin
You always shopping, and buyin'
The most expensive, rich, toys to flash for a week
Then its back in the closet till it begins to creak.
Money is the value, and work is the merit,
Once you got those, you can get the 24 diamond carat.

Chillin wid friends and partyin' is great
That should only be done once priorities are straight,
We gottsta address the problem facin' us now
We must promise the future, we must vow
To reduce and deduct the harmful conditions:
Deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions.
The destruction of mankind is brought upon by us,
the humans the predators, the ones creating the fuss.
Human nature is a terrifying factor
which will eventually lead to a disaster.
Let machinery fail and nature rule,
It is time to decide how we end this duel.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


People are getting so bitchy and fake
they say shit behind ur back, stabbing you with a stake,
i've had enough man, its making me mad,
confusing lies with truths making me look bad,
People dont appreaciate how lucky they are,
the try to feel better by getting drunk in some bar,
then when its all gone for real, they start to blame,
They do it so often, their pro at this game,
My advice people, is to move on and let it be,
Life is too short to waste, you better trust me!
Try to be happy and think optimistic,
If not you're better of living narcissistic,

Monday, 13 August 2007


Hey man, school starting, its all gettin so tough,
of all the work im doing i better be getting buff
i got maths.chem and physics too
i suck so bad , i feel like a fool(foo)
i got so much wrk, so much shit,
im going crazy everyday, bit by bit
summer over i gots to stop chillin
bummer coz i love xboxin
so im running outta precious time
i have 2 do ma wrk b4 the clock starts to chime
shit starts back 2moro.....
sad life.........even sadder than zoro

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Fresh Out

You're fresh out, new, and in the street
You need to get both the rhythm and the beat..
Debut, at the Jams and you break it down,
Screwin' up the pace, make yourself look a clown.
You give it all you got, but the crowd is hatin,
You take to the heart and your skills are abating,
You're broken down, you've been cracked,
Now you back to the ghetto, you been sacked.
Theres no tellin when you gonna be packed...

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Nobody Messes With The Don

Rappin' is all about getting the beat right,
So get ready, and screw on your shit tight!

Your forced to listen to the gunshots on the road,
The next thing you hear, your homie took the load
He got pinned down 5 times to the soul,
Now he's in the bag, he's done his role!
Times have changed, you took on the don,
you couldn't help it, the fight was still on!
You put on your bling, and swore to the devil
that you aint gettin' out till the fight has levelled.

You've earned your respect, now step outta the way
Your homie is back and is ready to play!
You roll the dice and the odds are in favor,
You stay up cause your homie's lost the flavour.
Revenge builds up like a tyrant inside,
All he can think about is how he was defied.
His anger is building up and he is ready to fight,
he's got his homies, V-kizzy and D-Dizznit, to make things right.

The war was over, and he was against you!
The first word that came out was - fool (foo)!
You think you could beat Gizznit, beat me....
Hell no! nobody messes with the Big G!
Step off, back down, and get outta here.
I dun wanna see your shit anywhere near!
I am the don, I rule, I'm the king of the gangsta school!
Come anywhere close, and ill show you the thumb rule!

Don't Mess

Yo, im down with rapping
Jay may be the king
But Jay-Z, Ludacris and 50 Cent got nothing on me.
Im the king of rap here in J-town.

Im the king, the don, the Big man
if u wanna mess, u a dead man
My homie V-kizzy backs me up
he'll beat u up so bad he'll collect ur blood in a cup
u run ur ass off, trying to to get to a safe place
everybody jus stares, shaking their head in grimace
You know now ur screwed,
go back to being worth as much bird food!
Lemme welcome ya'lll and show what the competition is like...

Open the doors to the island of rap
Where all you can hear are the lyrics that snap
V-kizzy and Gizznit, breakin' it down
We gonna show you, how its done in this town.
So take a seat, relax, keep your cool,
Cause once we done, you know we gonna rule!

These words, they just fly outta ma mouth,
Dissin' you and your friends, till we in a pout!
You got no rhythm, you got no rhyme,
You wasted your life doing hard time!
You keep listenin to Britany Spears and Backstreet Boys
Soon enough, you be one of their toys!

You have to learn to think on your feet
You gotta give it all to earn respect on the street,
Once we get started, you'll be moving to our beat.
You can't pretend to be one of 'em
You gotta slug your ass off to beat the system,
So hear me out and do this shit
You'll earn respect bit by bit.
All ya'll who wanna just bounce into it.. share it with all others.. record it and post it on here! Make sure its clean.. a few swear words is aight.. But keep it cool. Share this blog with all your friends, the more the better, cause then everybody gets to hear you out! If possible, we will have little rap competitions once in a while.. Winner earns respect from all. The winner's lyrics will be posted up for all those to admire it. Copywrite all your work... No cheatin! Peace out ya'll!