Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Lemme welcome ya'lll and show what the competition is like...

Open the doors to the island of rap
Where all you can hear are the lyrics that snap
V-kizzy and Gizznit, breakin' it down
We gonna show you, how its done in this town.
So take a seat, relax, keep your cool,
Cause once we done, you know we gonna rule!

These words, they just fly outta ma mouth,
Dissin' you and your friends, till we in a pout!
You got no rhythm, you got no rhyme,
You wasted your life doing hard time!
You keep listenin to Britany Spears and Backstreet Boys
Soon enough, you be one of their toys!

You have to learn to think on your feet
You gotta give it all to earn respect on the street,
Once we get started, you'll be moving to our beat.
You can't pretend to be one of 'em
You gotta slug your ass off to beat the system,
So hear me out and do this shit
You'll earn respect bit by bit.

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