Saturday, 29 September 2007

Takin' It For Granted

Cellphones, I-pods, and PDA's
The young generation got no respect today
Smokin', drinkin', and injectin' too,
Haven't ya'll learnt is hazardous for you!
Teachers yellin "NO!"
Parents shoutin "GO!"
Dunno which direction to move with the flow.
Ya'll know you aint tryin
You always shopping, and buyin'
The most expensive, rich, toys to flash for a week
Then its back in the closet till it begins to creak.
Money is the value, and work is the merit,
Once you got those, you can get the 24 diamond carat.

Chillin wid friends and partyin' is great
That should only be done once priorities are straight,
We gottsta address the problem facin' us now
We must promise the future, we must vow
To reduce and deduct the harmful conditions:
Deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions.
The destruction of mankind is brought upon by us,
the humans the predators, the ones creating the fuss.
Human nature is a terrifying factor
which will eventually lead to a disaster.
Let machinery fail and nature rule,
It is time to decide how we end this duel.

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