Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Nobody Messes With The Don

Rappin' is all about getting the beat right,
So get ready, and screw on your shit tight!

Your forced to listen to the gunshots on the road,
The next thing you hear, your homie took the load
He got pinned down 5 times to the soul,
Now he's in the bag, he's done his role!
Times have changed, you took on the don,
you couldn't help it, the fight was still on!
You put on your bling, and swore to the devil
that you aint gettin' out till the fight has levelled.

You've earned your respect, now step outta the way
Your homie is back and is ready to play!
You roll the dice and the odds are in favor,
You stay up cause your homie's lost the flavour.
Revenge builds up like a tyrant inside,
All he can think about is how he was defied.
His anger is building up and he is ready to fight,
he's got his homies, V-kizzy and D-Dizznit, to make things right.

The war was over, and he was against you!
The first word that came out was - fool (foo)!
You think you could beat Gizznit, beat me....
Hell no! nobody messes with the Big G!
Step off, back down, and get outta here.
I dun wanna see your shit anywhere near!
I am the don, I rule, I'm the king of the gangsta school!
Come anywhere close, and ill show you the thumb rule!

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